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The Victor Pepin Suite>

Named in honor of the original 1800's owner of the mansion, this Master Suite features original hard wood floors and a vintage fireplace that once burned coal for heat.  This 400 square foot suite adjoins the large shared area through lockable 9 foot high pocket doors and features a majestic king-sized bed, large flat screen TV and wifi. Down a short flight of stairs you will have private access to a full bath.  The large floor to ceiling windows with gorgeous silk drapes allow for generous natural light.  

The Head of the House

Victor Pepin Jr. built this solid house in 1851.  Victor was the son of a well know American Traveling Circus owner Victor Pepin Sr. of the Circus of Pepin and Breschard.  Victor Jr. was a local Lawyer and Banker in the boom-times of New Albany when New Albany was building riverboats like to Robert E. Lee and the "Mighty" Ohio River was full of commerce.

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